Here you can find details on each song such as lyrics, history, personnel and band comments. To choose one, select the desired album from the drop-down menu above. Each album page will contain all finished songs from that era, regardless if they were released on the respective studio album or on compilations, EPs, or singles. Songs that were not released on the studio albums are listed in the “Song Details: Outtakes and Non-Album Tracks” tab for each of the albums.

All entries are written and compiled from multiple sources such as rare interviews, StevenWilsonHQ, Discogs, Stephen Humphries’ excellent The Delerium Years box-set booklets, contact with band members, and album liner notes by Quinn Downton.

Song personnel is taken from album notes. However, if an instrument is not listed but can be clearly heard (or vice versa) I have corrected it. Additionally, for albums such as Recordings or Deadwing where the same personnel is listed for the entire album, I have searched through interviews and simply listened carefully to dictate what songs feature what instruments, etc. For example, Richard Barbieri used a drum machine and MIDI instruments to create the electric piano intro in “Buying New Soul”, but this is not listed in the album notes. I have tried my best to discern who played what on what songs.

If you discover a mistake, whether it be grammatical or factorial, please let us know through the “Authors” page.

A full list of the band’s discography and side projects can be found in the “Discography” drop-down menu.