Welcome to Neural Rust, the ultimate guide to Porcupine Tree! Inspired by the “Citizen Insane” website created by Radiohead fans, Neural Rust was created to provide Porcupine Tree fans with history, detailed album backgrounds, song information such as personnel, writing credits, recording location and lyrics, side projects, interviews, setlists and much more in an easy to digest format. While some resources such as the wonderful Steven Wilson’s Complete Discography from the Voyage PT: This Trip IS Really Necessary website created by Uwe Häberle contain shockingly in-depth looks at Steven’s career, I felt that resources such as these may not be accessible to the casual fan or newcomer looking for help navigating through Porcupine Tree’s wonderful and diverse discography. So, my goal was to compile all Porcupine Tree-related information into one easy to navigate website!

While sources such as Wikipedia can be very useful, I have found that many facts have actually been incorrect! My goal is to default to interviews with band members and official album information for more detailed timelines regarding writing and recording, etc. This can be best seen for the Fear of a Blank Planet material. Wikipedia was actually at odds with much of what interviews with the band’s interviews and the timeline did not fit together. I hope to have solved issues of these sorts!

The project originally started as a collaboration between some friends and I but I quickly became obsessive about the project and ended up doing way more than I should have! They still contributed a lot of amazing information and pictures to the site. It definitely wasn’t a one-man project. For more information on the group contributions check out the “Contact” page.